Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Public Events

HSG Consumer Goods and Retail Days

This recruiting event in coopration with the Career Service Center (CSC-HSG) had its premiere in fall 2014. During two days, students will have the opportunity to participate in presentations and workshops from different companies.


Our famous MSC BBQ takes place every year at the end of the 2nd semester. Everyone from the University is invited to join our BBQ. Taking place at the “Drei Weihern” in St.Gallen, it is a perfect occasion to celebrate the termination of some exhausting weeks of studying and lectures.

Marketing Capitals Conference

The idea of an interactive, international and student led marketing conference came up and a whole new project was created. We are proud to present the marketing. capitals, a project in cooperation with the „Bocconi marketing society” of the Bocconi University.

Private Events


Revolving around relevant and current marketing topics, the speeches held by representatives from renowned firms are thought to inspire students and giving them an insight about topics they usually do not get in touch with. This will be followed by an apéro where the students will get the chance to ask questions and engage in a critical discussion.


The onsite visits gives the students direct exposure to enterprises that are leaders in the industry. The aim of our “point of contact” events are to leverage a dynamic non-traditional way of learning which will enhance the traditional on-campus education.


A few times a year, our get togethers are special events for marketing club members to reunite and get to know new members. We welcome our members to these events which will allow us all to enjoy a great evening with lots of fun and interesting discussions! Cheers!


During the workshop sessions the students will be working under the guidance of a reputable marketing professional from companies. It will give students the possibility to embrace their creativity and originality and as well as gather work experience and get an in-depth understanding of what the marketing industry is all about.

FS 2017 - Semester Overview

27 Sept. 2017
from 6.30pm
16 Oct. 2017
from 6pm

Pitch your Idea

All the creative and interested minds among you can come and not only get to know each other better, but also state your own visions and ideas for our club, so that we can do our best by incorporating them into our event planning.

22 Nov. 2017
from 8am

Step up your CV game!

Did you know that a good picture can add value to your CV and helps it to stand out? Also, did you know that an application picture should not be older than half a year? We want to give you the opportunity to get your own professional application picture taken by the

7 Dec. 2017

Marketing Excellence - Switzerland Tourism

Guest speaker Nicole Diermeier, Director of Marketing and Productions of Switzerland Tourism, will hold a speech about the success of integrated marketing in tourism. She started working for Switzerland Tourism in 2006. Now, as a member of the executive board, her responsibilities are among others the strategic planning and implementation of worldwide campaigns.

1 Mar. 2018

Workshop with HelloFresh

HelloFresh already exists in 10 countries worldwide and is one of the leading cooking-box suppliers at this time. With its innovative business idea HelloFresh not only reduces food waste by using seasonal products amongst other things, but really enhances the daily life convenience. For those of you who want to know more about this disruptor in the food market, we are organizing an event where you can share your ideas and get an insight in the company's mindset and organization!

14 Mar. 2018

Workshop with Canon

When hearing this brand name, one specific product pops up in everybody’s mind: cameras. In the beginning of the workshop you will hear a brief introduction about the company and their marketing strategy. Afterwards, you will work in small groups of 4-5 people to solve a case study about how Canon can make cameras more attractive for younger people

27 Apr. 2018
from 2pm

Workshop with McKinsey - Design Thinking

Changing consumer behavior and technological advancements are rapidly transforming the retail and consumer goods landscape. To meet the changing needs of their customers, it is vital for companies to quickly adapt and develop new products, services, and even business models. In this workshop, we will apply design thinking to prototype innovative ideas from deep customer insights.


Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland